Friday, 1 August 2008

Absolutely Fabulous

My hope is TSoM will appeal to a wide range of readers because it is quirky; those with ME will shiver with recognition, and those without will learn something.

Great to see the launch listed in the ME Association events - they will review the book in October. InvestinME will mention it in their next newsletter. I got a warm email from them, they enjoyed the book immensely.

A review here from another blogger-writer, Sally Zigmond. Her thoughts are interesting, she too enjoyed the novel but felt it should have been marketed as fictionalised memoir - I won't get into that debate again except to say I am reading Hanif Kureishi's My Ear at His Heart, and I smiled at his father's reply to an agent who'd suggested he (the father) re-submit his novel as memoir to increase the chances of it being published. His father 'continued to argue it was fiction' and refused.

Mell D is loving the book, took it to the pub and showed her friends. Jude fell in love with Ivan and couldn't put it down. And Cusp has put a review on Amazon, thought it may not have appeared yet... People have been telling me they love the dialogue with a stranger, peppered throughout the book. Cusp emailed that she imagined the stranger to have the voice of Joanna Lumley. In my head, the stranger has always been a man, but Cusp hears Joanna Lumley.

Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.


darren said...

Mine just arrived! It's bigger than I thought, but it sure is real. I love the subtitle.

nmj said...

Glad you finally got, did you order through Amazon UK or Canada, I am confused as both USA & CA say not yet in stock... Mmm, I am not sure about the strapline, I think it could seem a bit self-pitying, suggestive of misery memoir, which TSoM is so clearly not! Hopefully in the next print run there will be a lovely review to slap on the front instead, but I guess you need some words, otherwise looks a bit bare.

darren said...

I ordered through Amazon UK. The shipping charges were more than the book (which I think is underpriced), but it arrived fairly quickly I thought, once it was out. Maybe I like the strapline out of recognition, but I still think it makes a good point, that of overcoming adversity. So far am loving it, but I knew I would. The swearing is very refreshing.

nmj said...

Hey Darren, I think people in UK probably swear more than those in Canada, fictional characters too. Glad it is refreshing!