Friday, 14 November 2008

ME Association review of The State of Me

I am not a member of any ME groups these days but am very happy that a copy of ME Essential, the ME Association's quarterly magazine, has just come through the door - it has a review of The State of Me by Tony Britton, the publicity manager of the MEA.

'... Some searingly beautiful self-perceptive paragraphs are tricked out now and then, which quite take the reader by surprise. But precious this is not. The tone overall is of someone in love with life and words... And Nasim is absolutely word perfect on neurological ME, though the way she drives through to the heart of what is wrong with Helen - by breaking away from the narrative to chat to a stranger in her mind - keeps the reader glued to the page. The book is immensely and imaginatively instructive as a result.'

Reading through the rest of the magazine I am struck, almost anew, by how much people's lives are blighted by this condition, and of the ignorance that still abounds. Not that I need reminded, but it makes me shiver when I see aspects of the illness laid out formally in a magazine like this, and relive the battles that people with ME are still having to conduct.

And I feel proud all over again that my book made it.


Anonymous said...

Congrats is this in the USA..hopefully it will be made into a movie!

Cusp said...

...and so you should ;0)

Anonymous said...

Well done NMJ.


Digitalesse said...

And quite right, you should be very, very, very proud.

Well done!!!!

I wish I could send you champagne and chocolates and flowers, so please accept the virtual versions.


Mellifluous Dark said...

Ah, well deserved, NMJ.

nmj said...

thanking you, all.