Sunday, 7 June 2009

Politics of ME

Hillary Johnson's brilliant speech at Invest in ME conference last month.

I do try not to get angry about my illness these days - or rather the interpretation of my illness, what a waste of fucking energy - but reading about what has gone on in the USA makes me want to kick and scream.


Reading the Signs said...

I haven't even finished reading it yet, but oh what a speech! I want to circulate this to just about everyone I know, will have to restrain myself to a few who I think might actually pay it some attention.

Thanks for this, NMJ.

nmj said...

Hey Signs, It is quite long to read, I had to take a break and go back, but she is *so* articulate and also manages to be funny. I would love to have attended. My brother got me a copy of Osler's Web years ago, it is on my shelf and I dip in.

trousers said...

A stunning speech, eloquent, angry and considered. I'm glad I read it all, and that people like that are out there doing what they're doing.

nmj said...

... and people wonder why people with this illness are often (wrongly) labelled hostile and non-compliant! Great you read it all the way through, Trews. Thank you.

Cusp said...

Wow ! Thank you so much for linking to this speech: a lot to take in but such passion. Makes you want to rush on to the streets (if we only could !) and start marching.

Love the bits about 'Don't break their hearts, break their balls.'

I shall link to this too if it's OK. The more people who read this the better. With people like Hillary there might be a chance that this whole rotten edifice of corruption is exposed

nmj said...

"I was there when she delivered her speech on May 28, and I found her awesome, spell-binding and magnificent! And her book "Osler's Web" is a factual master work".

Tony Britton, Publicity manager at MEA wanted to say this but my blog 'guard dogs' wouldn't let him. Thanks for commenting, Tony. I would love to have been there.