Saturday, 22 August 2009


Three days off steroids and my right eye has flared up again, so back to the many drops regime... this is perplexing and vexing and I'm getting pretty angry at whatever fucked up auto-immune stuff is doing this. It is ridiculous. The drops do quieten things down but you can't spoon steroids into your eyes forever. On the bright side I found my nephew's sonic screwdriver in my bag while I was waiting at the hospital yesterday. He'd lost it and was sad. A pity I can't just zap my eyes with it and make them fine for good.


Cusp said...

Sometimes it does take a long time to get rid of these infections in the eye. My son's started at Xmas and he's still on steroid drops.
So, in a way, I hope that may be of some comfort in as much as it's not that unusual and not just down to the M.E. but just the way it is.

nmj said...

thanks, cusp, but it's not infection, it's inflammation, and i don't honestly think it is at all ME-related... iritis is a bizarre autoimmune thing where your immune system causes the inflammation. i have read a lot about it now and it seems it is not very well understood and the treatment is often trial and error with tapering the steroids. but the steroids have longterm side effects, that is what is scary, & the whole thing is just very disruptive, and also exhausting to have to constantly be monitoring your eyes! i just wonder where the hell it all came from.

willow said...

Your eye problem sounds very vexing NMJ.

This might not be helpful, but our one and only M.E. doctor, many years ago, told me that autoimmune conditions can sometimes accompany M.E. (That was after I tested pos. for polymyositis during a vicious viral infection. It took more than 8 months for the autoimmune muscle symptoms and blood test marker to return to normal.)