Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Kick their asses, Prof Hooper!

Fabulous, fabulous Professor Hooper.

The Wessely construct has to crumble, are we maybe getting there?!

When I think of the jibes, the disrespect we have all had to face over the years. This letter should be on the desk of every single medic who has doubted ME is not a physical illness. Prof. H says it so cleverly and succinctly.

(My anger below is not towards the non-believers, they deserve HUGE, unmeasured anger, bucketfuls of unrepentant anger.)


Cusp said...

If only there were more like him.

nmj said...

I feel we may be on the edge of something, Cusp... and maybe just feeling happy cos the documentary-film with extracts of my book is edging closer and closer to development.

One wonders why Wessely has not left a response on BMJ Santhouse thread, supporting the editorial? Is he hiding?

Nicky Reiss said...

I haven't read all of this - from the House of Commons last night:


Susannah said...

Hi! Just to introduce myself, as I've only recently found your blog, my names Susannah. I'm a 33yr old M.E. veteran, lol ... and it's very nice to meet you! (I found your blog after reading your book - which, incidentally, was one of the 2 best books I've ever read around the subject of M.E. - Thank you!!! I intend to try to get all my relatives to read it, lol)

Re your post - he totally did kick their asses!!! He said all the things I've always wanted to be able to say ... that I HAVE said, over and again, to friends and family. It's so great to have someone advocating us so succinctly!! :)

Oh and Nicky, thanks for posting that link. Was kind of annoyed with the sort of brush-off type reply that was given by the health min. Blah!!

nmj said...

Hey Susannah, Thanks, glad you enjoyed the book! yes, thank God we have people like Prof Hooper fighting our corner.