Thursday, 11 March 2010


Got these from the garden, I've learned that you identify snowdrops by their green markings, which I'd never noticed before. I just thought they were wee white flowers, but there's so much more going on when you look close up. I think these are galanthus nivalis, the common ones. I was drained/upset yesterday after the ME post, all that reading and linking, the words - of others - tread round my head. The snowdrops soothed me.


Mim said...

They are lovely. "The language of flowers" had the right words for you.

Cusp said...

Flowers liek snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils really life the spirit after the long dark days of winter.

Amazing how such a tiny fragment of perfection can blow away the cobwebs and gloom

Amy said...

A beautiful and very welcome sight. Enjoy them xx

nmj said...

Mim, They are so fragile, I barely dared pick them, they make me smile, so pretty on top of the fridge.

Cusp & Amy, They cheer me up, I felt so demoralised yesterday, I may come across as feisty in my ME responses, but I feel ground down by the circus, nothing seems to be changing. But I will fight the ongoing ignorance with every ounce of energy I have. It is too important not to.

trousers said...

Yes this is a lovely photo, I can imagine their soothing effect.

I love this time of year.