Monday, 3 May 2010


The jumpsuits in the Observer magazine are horrible. I used to have one - red with gold stripes and bows that you tied on your shoulders and flapping bows at your calves too - but this was 1984 and such things were allowed then.


LottieP said...

As we were there, and wore them the first time around, we now know what a timeless mistake they were.

My shallow heart does beat a little faster when I see 80s fashion, but only because it takes me right back to Miss Selfridge in Edinburgh, c.1985 (with a spectacularly bad-tempered Shirley Manson behind the counter).

nmj said...

Lottie, It's even worse, I once wore the red and gold striped jumpsuit to a party, with a fake fur bolero from Oxfam and gold flip flops.

LottieP said...

When you say "once"... was this recently, in some sort of homage to the era, or at the time?

If at the time - I think it's forgiveable (on the basis that if you're absolved, so would I be for countless crimes against fashion).

nmj said...

It was 1984, I am not culpable!