Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Today is International ME Awareness Day. Those of us who have ME are very aware, but sadly the rest of the world is still not as aware as it should be, this, in no small way, thanks to the illness having been hijacked by psychiatrists and others in the psycho-social brigade, all over the world. For an update on recent research best to go to the eloquent and beautiful Greenwords, I would just get worked up and pepper my post with F words. (But I would like to draw attention to the almost £1, 150, 000 wasted by MRC on the FINE (Fatigue Intervention by Nurses Evaluation) trial.)

Also, if you have not already signed up to the What About Me? documentary updates, see here. They are on Twitter and Facebook as well as Blogger. Double D have a questionnaire about the film they would like people to submit.

I'll be asleep when this post publishes but it seems we are now being ruled by a bunch of fox hunters (don't know the details, how involved the Lib Dems are going to be). I know a 'progressive rainbow alliance' was perhaps idealistic, untenable, but the Tories are the party of self-interest, whichever way you look at things. And my heart is sinking.

And whatever your views on Gordon Brown, his resignation speech was moving and dignified. I was in tears even before his wee boys came out. The Labour Party website has just crashed with twenty people a minute trying to join.

I would like to finish with a quote from my novel, it seems timely:

Extract from Chapter Thirty-three, 1997


On election night we sat up whooping as the Tories fell like skittles. Ivan went to work after only two hours' sleep. I made a celebration dinner.

Things can only get better!



Mim said...

The election results are disappointing! I'm worried that as goes Britain so goes the United States. Will Obama lose to the Republicans?! Oh, no, I hope not. I'm remembering Thatcher and Reagan. They were so cosy.

nmj said...

'A cynical and reactionary stitch-up by two free-market private schoolboys? Or a rare chance of cool, intelligent leadership in which Uncle Vince Cable gets the chance to temper Master George Osborne's impetuosity and face down Billy Hague's fondness for the Latvian far right?'


greenwords said...

Woke up this morning to hear the news on the radio about your new PM and thought, Nasim is not going to be happy about this.

Thank you for linking to me, those posts take ages so I always hope a few people will read, bless you for being such a lovely one-woman cheer squad.

nmj said...

hey honey, yes, i was weeping a few tears last night, still feel a little shocked, but hopefully the lib dem presence will water down the tories, early days... well done with your ME awareness post, you have done a great job, and i know how much it takes it out of you.

nmj said...

And I have just read your most recent post and I am linking to that too. It is brutally and beautifully honest. You will have me weeping again, leave that to the politicians! x

Valentina said...

I wish some brigade, any brigade, would pick up the ME issue here in Italy. Today a weekly magazine published a very informative article, actually, but proceeded to illustrate the subject with a picture of Homer Simpson!!! I wouldn't know where to begin!

Muhamad Lodhi said...

I don't know when Brown was vocal about 'rendition', 'torture', and so on. I haven't heard much, so, whether Blair or Brown isn't there makes no difference to an erstwhile supporter.

nmj said...

Valentina, Nice to see you here. I am sure in time, awareness will trickle down in Italy - we have the opposite problem here, we had 20 yrs of psychiatrists pretending to themselves and to everyone else they were experts.

M, Am confused, it is a late, I couldn't sleep and got up again, maybe I am missing the context...