Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Shouting at the postman

I bellowed at the postman when he buzzed as I had already been woken by plumbers for another flat. The peril of being the first flat, you get buzzed for everything. People don't realise that you live in a different time zone and mornings are atrocious. The postman is lovely so I opened my door to say sorry for yelling and he had a package for me, Lesley of Peregrinations has very kindly sent me Jean-Dominique Bauby's Le scaphandre et le papillon. This is what is great about the internet, often overwhelming and too noisy, these wee connections that are forged. I am sending Lesley my book in return. I started reading La Salle de Bain by Jean-Philippe Toussaint a couple of weeks ago, it had been on my shelves for five years. It is lovely and slim - I think there are more short novels in France than here - but I still need my French dictionary, which is really too heavy, but if you misunderstand one word/idiom the whole sentence is twisted, and my anal self will not allow this. Le Scaphandre is lovely and slim too and I look forward to reading.


Sue Jackson said...

Oh, I hate having my nap interrupted with a doorbell! I actually put a note on mine saying "Please leave packages. Do not ring the bell unless a signature is required!" My kids' friends all know not to ring when they come over, too! I'm worried about tomorrow when a repairman is due sometime during the day to replace a part on our air conditioner (a 3-4 hour job). The nap is sacred!


Lesley said...

That was quick!
I hope you enjoy it. I loved the book - the film less so, but then I saw it towards the end of a tranatlantic flight.

nmj said...

Hey Sue, I am not napping at 11 am, but often still sleeping from night before!

Hey Lesley, Yes, post from Europe is often speedy, was really lovely to get the package, though I knew you were sending, was still a surprise as I did not expect it so soon. thanks again.