Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Susan Douglas, the producer of WHAT ABOUT ME? announced a few months ago that her ME/CFS documentary was taking a different direction. I have been - naturally - curious as the film was going to originally be a partial dramatisation of my novel. Blogging recently about the film, American journalist Mindy Kitei writes that 'the spine of the film' is XMRV. As I have said before I am not putting all my eggs in the XMRV basket - I am afraid to - but it is hard not to feel optimistic when you look at the Whittemore Peterson Institute website. The possibilities are dazzling. Allow yourself to imagine not only a cure for ME, but a time when you can talk about the illness without all the baggage. That is so much part of the ME experience, the baggage, the defenses we have all had to construct. Latest film developments here.

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