Saturday, 18 September 2010

A deluded Baroness

I'm over my Pope moment and back to being an 'aggressive secularist'. Still overdosing on Lemsip and menthol pastilles. Still angry - and insulted - at Sayeeda Warsi talking crap on Newsnight, saying that people of faith are more likely to donate to charity and do voluntary work. (I undoubtedly succumbed to a massive relapse of ME as a result of doing voluntary work in London in late 80s, and have volunteered periodically during stages of my illness.) I can make dodgy, spurious claims too, Baroness, and I would like to suggest that people of faith are more likely to be racist, sexist and homophobic. Looking forward to Stephen Hawking on Channel 4 though I am so muffled with cold, it is hard to absorb much.


trousers said...

Damn right about Baroness Warsi.

Hope you're feeling better soon, I suspect you're all Poped out.

San said...

I heard someone say on BBC World (I'm afraid I don't remember who it was) that 'the Pope wears lace and red shoes (...)'. :-)
It's amazing who some use every little excuse they found to pretend to be better than the other.
I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for the 'sharing'. Take care and enjoy Stephen Hawking :-)

nmj said...

Trews, Her comments were inflammatory & divisive, silly woman.

Hey San, I too read about his red shoes this week, I did not know before.

zhisou said...

I admit that I quite fancy Baroness Warsi, although less so after hearing such a stupid comment.

nmj said...

Hey Z, Yes, you can be attractive and stupid at the same time... & if you read her recent website post, she seems to want a Blue Peter badge for being *so* inclusive attending Muslim *and* Catholic *and* Anglican *and* Jewish events this week. So what? I ask. That is as it should be. You shouldn't have to make a hue and cry about it and then slag off those of us who are not religious.