Monday, 29 November 2010

50 Stories as ebook

The fabulous fundraising anthology 50 Stories for Pakistan is now available as an ebook from (I wish I could say the same for The State of Me, but it is still not up on Amazon or The Book Depository, though my understanding is the revised ebook was submitted weeks ago. I am told the delay is with the retailer end of things. I had hoped it would be up by Christmas so that all those young modern people out there could read me on their new Kindles, but I fear now this may not happen.)

*Just seen that 50 Stories has made £439 for Red Cross in its first month. This is wonderful news!


vw said...

I have still no idea how a kindle works, is it the same as an iPad? I want one! But I still wouldn't my swap my paperback The State Of Me for anything. Or some of my others, I just can't see me getting comfy in bed to read with an electronic device. Authentic page turning can't be beaten! Or bookmarks for that matter, I like bookmarks v much. Xxx

nmj said...

Hey Vikki, Kindle is just Amazon's version of ereader. I too can't ever imagine reading an ebook, but we have to accept it is the way publishing is going! And the hope is always that ebooks will lead to more interest in the paperback, the real thing!