Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Unreliable narrators

In fiction, there is the concept of the unreliable narrator, a character you cannot trust, some characters more duplicitous than others. Many of the powerful figures who legislate over ME are unreliable narrators. I'm a little surprised she knows so little about XMRV but Nicola Sturgeon strikes me as a decent enough politician and I hope she actually takes on board what the very fine Sarah Lawry was trying to tell her.

Twitter seems to have something of the unreliable narrator, it has doubled my tweets from 90 to 180. It has done worse elsewhere, adding or subtracting thousands of tweets from others. There seem to be many bugs with the new Twitter layout. Disturbing that a microblogging tool, an instrument of reporting, is telling so many lies.


LottieP said...

I was at university with her (I was in the year above; like me, she studied law at Glasgow). A bit of a humourless character even then (we called her "Like A Sturgeon"), but I've been quite impressed by her as a politician. You want different things from politicians to what you ask of your friends.

nmj said...

Absolutely. I am only now getting the pun, a day later, at first I thought you meant like a surgeon... I saw she congratulated Will and Kate on Twitter, and it didn't seem tongue in cheek.