Tuesday, 28 December 2010


With typical aplomb I hurt my back on Boxing Day - brushing my teeth. I was forced to stay in bed. At least - at last! - I finished Wolf Hall. Such relief! Am in a festive haze of NSAIDs and co-codamol. It suits the time of year, such limbo, no man's land, neither here nor there, everything is shapeless. I surprised myself by watching a whole episode of Top Gear, they drove across the Middle East. Tomorrow, I will be glued to Dr Zhivago and cry my eyes out. Then my nephews come, I hope I am in less pain. I leave you with a fine post from Digitalesse on self-help books. I still have one of Dig's photos on my kitchen wall, a beautiful white cup.


Muhamad Lodhi said...

Well, my solidarity remains.

Hope you get well, and have a great 2011.

Digitalesse said...

Sorry to hear about your back. I've used the Christmas period to sleep until the afternoon and zombie around in the evening. I hope you feel better soon.

And thanks for keeping my photo on your kitchen wall, by the way. I feel it's an honour. So thank you.

nmj said...

Not really with you, M - solidarity? is it an oblique reference to shapelessness? - but hope 2011 is great for you too.

Dig, I love your white cup. Would not dream of taking it down, though the wooden Ikea frame does not do it justice. Back is improving, thanks, I am so damned prone to these muscle spasms, which come from nowhere and overwhelm me, literally. At least I have a stash of strong painkillers from having sciatica (which this thankfully is not) earlier in year! Hope 2011 is great for you and you continue taking wonderful photos.

Susannah said...

Oh I'm so sorry about your back! Yuck! Lol, I laughed when I read it was when you were brushing your teeth when it happened, thinking how a 'normal' person who's never experienced M.E. might have read such a thing, and how it sounds like something that might happen to me. ;)

I'm similarly on more painkillers than normal. I hate taking them at all never mind extras, but this time of year is just so totally exhausting and pain inducing!

This year I've managed just one day of family, on Christmas Day ... my brother and his wife came over for a couple of hours with my nephew who I've only seen a handful of times since he was born just over a year ago, and best friend, my mum, dad, & sister were all here. It was too much, but the kind of worth it too much. :) At dinner, they pushed the table up against my bed, it was the funniest thing!! I've barely been able to move since then of course.

I really hope you're feeling even better before your nephews come! I'd imagine it's probably difficult for you even without extra pain!

Happy Christmas everyone. :)

nmj said...

I slept til 2.30pm which even by my standards is late. When I first hurt my back years ago it was triggered by brushing teeth, it must be the movement in your spine, ridiculous, if I had been trying to lift sth it would make more sense. It is just so inconvenient at best of times, but I really want to be okay for kids, I only see them every few months cos of geography. Still, I am doing better than a lot of PWME and am thankful for that. Happy New Year, Suzanne.

Susannah said...

Lol 2.30 sounds early to me - I'm a day sleeper. Just say you're on American time. ;)

Weird how such 'simple' movements can cause such damage, isn't it. I have some bizzare rib thing been going on the last 8 months or so, and every time I twist my body, they spasm so painfully it shocks the life out of me. Feels like they're bending. I guess the big problem with backs is that it seems like once you've injured them once, you're always prone.

Hope today went well for you. :)

kp said...

oh nasim, i hope you can enjoy your nephews...of all things, to injure yourself brushing your teeth! (you have to laugh don't you...through the tears at times). heal quickly.