Friday, 11 March 2011

Blogging a tweet if that's okay, and not overkill

Was very pleased to see Michael Nobbs, an artist with ME, tweet: I'd love to make Nasim Marie Jafry's novel The State of Me required reading for friends and family of anyone with ME!

I had no idea Michael was even reading the book.

As our illness continues to be spectacularly misrepresented by those in power - and those not in power - I am just happy that in a small corner of the world my book continues to inform and entertain.

Thank you, Michael, for your words.


Janis said...

Just finished your book, loved it, posted review on my blog,

I hope the book stays in print and continues to grow in readership. You did an amazing job turning disaster into entertainment, and more... Kudos!

nmj said...

Hey Janis, Many thanks for your lovely review.

Can I just point out the book is called The State of Me not The State of ME? - it is a common and understandable error!

glaikit is Scottish for gormless..

... and hoovering is vacuuming!

all good wishes to you