Thursday, 31 March 2011

A review from USA , & an Israeli novel

Thanks to Janis in USA for this interesting review of TSoM. I like her inclusion of other works that deal with illness. It really is lovely to still be getting reviews 30 months after book came out. I don't tend to write my worst days here, but I have been unable to do much today at all. I went outside for five minutes, it was freezing and the daffodils have been battered by the gales. I kept going back to bed, but I hate the feelings in my muscles, so I got up again. I went to the sofa and tried to read but my arms hurt holding the stupid book - no, not true, it's not a stupid book, it's a rather good novel called CrocAttack! by Israeli writer Assaf Gavron. Then I tried to 'meditate' - ie lie with eyes closed, but I can never empty my mind, NEVER - with some crappy New Age music - a CD I got in San Francisco in nineties - I feel like a parody when I listen to it, but it is undeniably relaxing all that cheesy tinkling of water.

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Mim said...

I'm glad to read you, Nasim Come in from the Gales .