Sunday, 26 June 2011


All I've seen of Glastonbury is two Glasvegas songs; one Coldplay ('Yellow'); a few seconds of U2 (can't bear them); and tonight I happened to switch on and Tricky was on stage with Beyonce for a fragment of time, it was bizarre, he was like a wee scared boy miming, you couldn't actually hear him. I wanted more of him. I vaguely recall, some years ago, seeing him in a documentary where he was wearing a dress - or said he liked wearing dresses, my head is not clear - and I loved him, there was a poignancy. I must dig out Maxinquaye.


susan t. landry said...


thanks for alerting me to him...i had read about him, but didnt make an effort to find his music.

check this out.

trousers said...

I first saw Tricky on The Word around 94, and was blown away. Him and Martina Topley-Bird dressed in formal evening wear (I think), with a band who looked like they'd been hired from a philharmonic orchestra - which was very possibly the case, they were middle-aged, wearing tuxedoes etc - and they tore through a blistering version of Public Enemy's "Black Steel".

The Beyonce cameo was curious, to say the least.