Monday, 29 August 2011

All the fun of the fair (again)

*Fabulous response by Prof Malcolm Hooper to very misleading narrative in last weekend's Observer:

No right-minded person could condone any campaign of vilification against scientists (“Chronic fatigue syndrome researchers face death threats from militants”; The Observer, Sunday 21st August 2011); equally, no right-minded person could condone what psychiatrists such as Professor Wessely have done to the UK ME community for the last 25 years.

** Max Pemberton's edited article which appeared in today's Telegraph (29 Aug). He blocked me on Twitter after I'd responded a few times to his lack of substance (he blocked others too), I have never been blocked or barred from anywhere online, I feel like an insurgent, I shall wear my Max blocking as a badge of honour. He has toned things down, the original, more offensive version here, over which I lost sleep on Friday - I'm sure many did - I was so upset by Max's little indiscretions. He also described the ME Association as 'disingenuous' simply for looking out for the people it represents (now edited out). Yes, they are weavers of fine tales, these blinkered medics. Purveyors of fine untruths.

*** Invest in ME have issued a letter to the Press Complaints Commission regarding recent ME articles in the media which have presented only one viewpoint.

I'm not sure what Simon was doing when I was in a neurology ward having a plasma exchange for my false illness beliefs in 1984, but I'm sure as hell Max was still potty training.

Am having an MRI scan tomorrow - sciatica - and one of my brothers told me it's a 'noisy clanging bastard' - the machine. Still, will be a pleasant change from the persistent din of Wesselymania.

All the fun of the fair.

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