Tuesday, 27 December 2011

You've got the sea in your eyes

Had lovely few Christmas days (and birthday!) with my family. My favourite time, bedtime, bantering with my nephews who I was sharing a room with. I asked  if they would visit me when I was old and in a home, the 10-yr-old said of course he would, the 7-yr-old said he would write on a checklist 'have to visit my auntie', that's how he would remember. I'm still bemused that I now have a Kindle, a gift from my brother. I've downloaded Alan Hollinghurst (The Stranger's Child) and Mischa Hiller (Shake Off), I tried to download The State of Me, but apparently I cannot download the revised e-book (I downloaded the original in 2010 to my laptop when it was first released and it says I have already purchased). Since I now have a Christmas cold, the kind where the sneezes start in your feet and make their way up to your head, shaking you like a spin-dryer when they eventually happen, I will not be reading e-books or p-books (though I would like to finish The Hare with the Amber Eyes before Dec 31 as I started it in Jan this year). When I sneeze I look like I'm crying,  and yesterday the wee 7-yr-old said, You've got the sea in your eyes.  Though when I asked him later how to say in German - my sis-in-law is from Hamburg - I love you very much, Auntie N, he made a funny face and said Schei├če! before collapsing in hysterics with his brother. Not the only swearing going on, we got my (Danish) stepdad to say For helvede! a few times as it sounded like it was right out of The Killing.


Crafty Green Poet said...

Sorry about your cold!

Your nephews always sound like such fun wee boys!

Belated wishes for your birthday!

trousers said...

Lovely observations about your nephews.

I don't know, I go quiet for a little while and then when I come back to visit, everything's changed! I do like the new look of your site.

nmj said...

Hey Crafty, At least I didn't get cold til Boxing Day, so could have been worse, it's a bad one though so I'm just muffled up in bed today. Hope you had good xmas too! My nephews are my wee pals, we have a ball together, am always wrecked afterwards as I give them every ounce of energy I have!

Hey Trews, I changed blog template a couple weeks ago, does it look okay? I felt I needed a change though I hate clutter and baubles on my blog, this is a bit more colourful than my usual. Hope Santa was good to you!

susan t. landry said...

i just love that: you've got the sea in your eyes.

nmj said...

hey susan, i know - a wee bit of poetry. Wee 7-yr-old is also doing yoga classes (for mummies and children) and he gave me a facial massage, was the sweetest thing ever. And on xmas eve both did an impromptu show - 10-yr-old playing trumpet accompanied by 7's yoga moves. So funny and sweet.

trousers said...

HI Nasim, yes I think it looks good - I was used to the minimal thing you had before so this was a pleasant surprise, and no I don't think it's overly flashy. Quite sophisticated, in fact :)