Saturday, 18 February 2012

A crow & a yoyo & a bomb

My 10-yr-old nephew is fast approaching the 'shrugging offness' of a teenager but when I congratulated him on Skype on his inter-school chess trophy he was beaming and ten again. The wee one - seven - always exuberant - hopped up on the computer desk and gave me a demo of the crow (yoga). Then he showed me a drawing - you have to add things to doodles - and said, What is the man throwing? It looked like a yoyo. A yoyo? I asked. No, he replied. A bomb. B-o-m-b. I didn't  ask him to spell it. Then we talked about underwater dogs and the Scale of the Universe. Then my sis-in-law lifted the cat up to say hello, she is not fond of me (the cat) and goes rigid if she thinks I'm actually there. 


trousers said...

It sounds like the sort of skype-based interaction I have with a friend when we're drinking beer. Just goes to show you don't need beer for such charming randomness.

nmj said...

Ha, yes, children are just delightfully random and bizarre, no beer needed.