Monday, 20 February 2012

Silly billies

Delighted for Caroline Smailes that her new ebook 99 Reasons Why is creating such a buzz. Having Karachi roots, I was especially chuffed to see her in The Daily Times in Pakistan. In 99 Reasons Why, Caroline plays with  the possibilities of endings and you the reader can choose which one you would like. However, being playful and imaginative - surely, the job of a writer - has its downside, she is apparently threatening the future of literature, and, according to one reviewer in the DT, doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously. The DT also brought us silly billy media doctor Max Pemberton last year talking nonsense about my illness, and at the weekend we learned that Richard Dawkins has a penchant for slaves. Yes, you couldn't make it up, so it's great we have such high quality journalists to do it for us.

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