Friday, 16 March 2012

99 reasons why I should go back to my Kindle

I keep almost forgetting I've got a Kindle but on Monday I will be eagerly downloading Caroline Smailes' innovative ebook 99 Reasons Why. The eleven endings have caused quite a stir, some people getting their knickers in a right old  twistYou can read one of the endings here.

I am excited and  want to read them all! 
Update* Just saw this Reuters video, where both Caroline and Scott Pack (our publisher) talk about  99 Reasons Why.

(And I should really go back to Tim Winton's Dirt Music which I think I started end of January on Kindle,  was enjoying and stopped for no good reason (I wonder if the paperback at my bedside would have lured me back sooner, the Kindle can seem inert by comparison, it's just not as seductive if you need a bit of  a push). Though I admit chapter two of The Return of Captain John Emmet  - the paperback - didn't really grab me -  I was reading it at the eye clinic, maybe that's why - I loved the first  chapter - so I've lent it to my mother in the meantime. Two chapters is certainly not enough to dismiss entirely. I will go back, I usually do.)


nmj said...

This is utterly solipsistic of me but I just realised - on a second watching of the promotional video for Caroline's lovely new book - you can see a copy of 'The State of Me' on the HarperCollins' shelves, just peeking out, the woman on the spine! 1.40 mins in.

Interesting, also, to learn that 50% of HC's sales are now ebooks, most UK pubs it's 10-15%.

Digitalesse said...

I received a Kindle as a gift last year, and I'm getting along fine with it. It's not quite the same as reading a printed book but the reading experience is not bad at all. I'm not a huge reader of fiction, I have a lot of big oversized photography books, and they just wouldn't work on the Kindle. But imagine a book signing - you couldn't really sign someone's Kindle could you?