Thursday, 17 May 2012

Different states

I've just ordered  paperbacks of The State of Me, and State of Wonder  by Ann Patchett as gifts. I enjoyed both Bel Canto and Truth and Beauty. I have the Kindle sample of State of Wonder; these samples are overflowing, I download them and forget to read them. I imagine them as brightly coloured scraps of fabric that caught my eye, I have no real use for them but can't throw them away (literally, I don't think you can delete a Kindle sample, can you?). Also, just downloaded a sample of The Submission by Amy Waldman which I saw reviewed here. I love learning of novels I'd not yet heard of.

*And here we are, courtesy of Amazon's 3-5 day supersaver delivery:


Alison said...

My kindle is full of samples (it's a great feature!), but it is possible to delete them. Just highlight the title and then press the back button on the cursor. The cursor is the one above the "back" button. Not to be confused with the "page back" tab. Same thing you'd do to remove a book from the device and put it in the archives.

nmj said...

I know none of this, thank you! The archiving thing confuses me too, should read up on that. I *do* love the samples feature but it seems wasteful somehow to have all these unread fragments hanging around. I can't rid myself entirely of the notion that unread words/books take up room. I am just not modern enough!

Anonymous said...

Do you have to order paperbacks of your own book?! I hope you at least get a discount.

I use a Kindle too, and love the samples feature. I was about to tell you how to delete a sample, but I see that Alison already has.

Katie x

nmj said...

hey katie, you get 25 complimentary copies when book is first published but i have given most of them away, long ago; i keep a stash of a few, and occasionally buy a copy as a gift.