Monday, 2 July 2012

Foxes, snails & beautiful Italian men

At the weekend I saw a fox, I couldn't sleep and opened the curtains at 4am and there it was, slinking into the darkness, I wanted it to come back but it had vanished into the ferns. There's a snail making its way across the landscape of the shed, I usually hate/fear them, the bastards eat holes in everything but this one is beautiful with a blue-patterned shell. I watched most of Spain/Italy, my nephews had helpfully informed me that Italy are rubbish, they are Barcelona supporters, and must be delighted at outcome. Watching Italy is just not the same since the days of Totti and Maldini, though Pirlo and Buffon are quite beautiful (as is Balotelli though I am, of course, old enough to be his mother). I was curious about the word pundit and discovered it comes from Sanskrit 'pandita' which means 'learned' (although the opposite of learned is what you feel listening to some of the commentary). It's the 2nd of July and 14 degrees, fucking appalling weather, I will need more than foxes and snails to cheer me up (though An Exploding Case of Mangoes is making me laugh out loud). ME has not been good, whenever I try and do any tasks/errands I get that creeping/clammy/adrenaline feeling, I used to get this a lot, it means things are not quite right. Still coughing like Steptoe, but not so frequently or violently.

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Lesley said...

I giggled at your tweet describing the fox as one of those orange cartoon foxes tiptoeing across the garden.