Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tra-la-la la-la

The Medical Research Council (MRC) is finally wising up, it would seem, just a shame it has taken thirty years, and so much damage done, but it's now seeking to fund more biomedical research: ME Association has the details.   (I can't help thinking that the MRC probably feels it should get a Blue Peter badge for its charming recognition of ME as a neuroimmune illness but that's just me being jaded and cynical (I wonder why).)
And I found this review of The State of Me, had not come across it, very pleased that the reviewer considers that 'the success of the novel is due to Nasim Jafry's wonderful voice, which is wry, consistent, clever, and observant. A few carefully chosen details convey a great deal'. 


Gregor Samsa said...

Hi Nasim,

And yet today they have announced that PACE if the most cost-effective treatment for ME/CFS.

Here is my blog if you are interested.


nmj said...

Hey Joss, Thanks for this, have just looked at the link, so disgusted at their lies and nonsense. One step forward and twenty steps back...