Thursday, 4 November 2010

The blinkered ones keep their blinkers on

Just saw that the blinkered ones - also known as the National Institute of Clinical Excellence - are at it again. I really don't have energy to get enraged, just wonder how long the fun & games will go on. The Scottish Guideline at least acknowledges the recently discovered XMRV and the blatant damage of graded exercise reported by patients - and by comparison may almost merit the Nobel Prize for Medicine. I'm truly curious to know how many people have cured themselves of ME - and I mean the illness I know as ME , not pretend ME - by following NICE's orders since August 2007. Coincidentally, I came across NICE earlier this evening in another context, on the London Review of Books blog - before I 'd seen the ME Association post above. I left a comment over at LRB. I must've known in my bones NICE was up to something.

And I have just seen this over at the beautifully named blogging not jogging. We are treated to the stupidity of two women named Esther - Esther Rantzen and Dr Esther Crawley, both devoted fans of the Lightning Process. As I said on my comment over there - they sound more like they are presenting Blue Peter, they totally lack gravitas, especially Dr Crawley. And I mean no offence to Blue Peter, just that these women seem more about sticky back plastic than neuro-immune illness.


Cusp said...

I met Valerie S when I was little and she was the most charmless, dour, grumpy old soul. She needed a good fork of lightning herself :O)

nmj said...

Oh, no, don't tell me that about Valerie, she always seemed cool though John Noakes was my favourite.