Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A modern thought

I'm reading - and loving - a second-hand copy of The House in Paris by Elizabeth Bowen. Pages 17 and 18 fell out when I first opened it and I shocked myself by thinking: This wouldn't happen with a Kindle. I got over my e-moment and sellotaped the pages back in. Since I  still have no desire myself  to read on a Kindle, I really did surprise myself - I guess I was just having a modern thought. And delighted that The State of Me has been in top 100 Kindle literary fiction for 12 days now. This is longest it has sustained a position there and I'm very pleased, it usually dips in and out. I know the 99p bargain must be something to do with it, but the  point is the book is finding new readers and hopefully people are recommending it. Thank you, e-book technology!

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homegirl said...

Thank you Jesus indeed.
...At last some sensible thinking!

But my concern is that we'll shout so loudly (in our joy/hope at this move in the right direction) that Wessely et al will hear about it and set his juggernaut in motion to prevent it going from recommendation to practice :-/