Monday, 14 November 2011


One nephew is learning the trumpet, one is learning yoga. I know which one I'll be joining in with. I do enjoy the corpse pose though I wish it wasn't called that. 

My character Helen Fleet enjoys it too:

Today her arms and legs are being eaten by moths. (So much for the yellow capsules.) The Tree and the Salutation of the Sun are out of the question. She likes the eye exercises and the Rabbit (you just kneel). She can do the Fish up to the part where you have to lift your legs. Her favourite is the one where you lie still and pretend you’re dead.  

(Extract from The State of Me)


Crafty Green Poet said...

the Rabbit pose sounds good, I could probably do that one! I never really got into yoga at all!

susan t. landry said...

this is gorgeous. this excerpt. i DO have your book, you know; i WILL read it...and i will let you know when i do. i apologize. it's the onslaught...the daily NY Times; the weekly New Yorker; the bimonthly NYReview of Books. then, there's that huge pile next to the bed...and then we went to the library sale...

i *do* love this excerpt. hug for you; book report one of these days, i promise. (i am the unreliable narrator we've all heard so much about...)


nmj said...

hey cgp, I am crap at yoga, esp. the meditation side, truly awful! I can do gentle poses and stretches, and I also do the cobra - not as often as I should - for my back. My 6-yr-old nephew showed me the Tree on Skype the other night, I was most impressed. The 10-yr-old gave me hot cross buns on the trumpet, that was impressive too.

hey susan, thanks for your kind words, so glad you like the extract. I look forward to your thoughts on the whole book, but no pressure! It took so many years to write and get published, the joy for me is that the book now has the possibility of being read by anyone who wants to!

(ps. am guessing you have kindle - i know i am an asterisk bore but just to say again the e-version is not exactly the paper version, the asterisks have vanished, which are there for pause and flow, but now blank space instead. i am told it does not detract, but i just like people to know the original has asterisks, about 150! but still delighted that people are getting kindle version.)

susan t. landry said...

no, no: i have the book. i was gonna get it for my ipad, but i am a book person... i'm not willing to give up the paper version w/o a fight!

nmj said...

Fabulous, you will have the asterisks in all their original glory! ;)